Our Boating Courses

Traditionally, CPS-ECP has presented its Boating and Navigation Courses in a Face-to-Face classroom format.  More recently, the organization has recognized the need to provide courses in more flexible formats, and to take advantage of new technologies.

So, we have four course presentation models from which we can choose:

  1. Traditional in-class presentation, again available since Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted.
  2. The same presentation as the in-class model, but delivered live over the internet (the Virtual Classroom).
  3. A ‘Blended Learning’ model, whereby the student can study on-line through ‘Moodle’ Learning Management System (LMS) prepared presentations.  There is a weekly on-line, inter-active session with the students to review and identify any learning issues.  A local tutor is provided to each student, so that he or she might obtain more direct and timely assistance.  Exams are also completed on-line.
  4. A ‘Self-Study’ model, where the students are 100% on their own.  Study materials are presented online, and the student has 60 days to complete the syllabus prior to taking the exam.  The Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card (PCOC) course and the VHF Maritime Radio course are the two courses currently using this learning model.