CPS-ECP Vision, Mission and Values

Vision – what we are

“A committed community of experienced boaters inspiring others to adopt a safe boating attitude through education and training”

Mission – what we do to achieve our vision

● We teach safe boating practices and proper navigational techniques
● We promote the cause of boating safety by creating a safe boating ethic
● We advance the cause of boating safety in cooperation with other agencies and organizations
● We keep our Member and Volunteer community strong through ongoing social interaction and enjoyment

Values – what keeps us strong

• Boating safety is of prime importance
• We encourage the boating experience as a safe and enjoyable recreation

• Our CPS-ECP Boating Courses are of high quality and provide good value
• We are leaders in safe boating education
• We embrace changes in boating education and practices

• We depend on volunteers of all ages, levels of experience and skill
• We enjoy our interactions with our fellow volunteers and members

• We believe in boating in an environmentally responsible manner

-Adopted by the CPS-ECP Board May, 2016